Urban Green Roof Tops For Climate Resilience

Didot Global believes in innovation and sustainable living solutions. We thrive on connecting communities that can be taught about creating a greener environment for themselves and their community by supporting and promoting green building solutions that can help adapt to the changing climate.

Didot Global is working with Dina Farooq Malik, a young international climate change adaptation advocate who is promoting ‘Urban Green Roof Tops’ in Lahore, Pakistan for climate resilience in the region. The project is intended as a pilot that can be replicated in other regions of the country as well. Dina started her campaign at an early age of 11, when she presented her paper on ‘Climate Resilient Development: Promoting Green Architecture for homes and offices’ at the Global Youth Forum on Climate Change held at the 5th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum, in Sri Lanka in 2016.

She is also promoting green architecture through her book ‘Journey of A Hundred Leaves’ co- authored with Amal Farooq Malik where she is presenting her futuristic art work inspired by the green building and infrastructure she visited in Singapore in 2017. The book is due to come out by early 2019 and will be used to further advocate for reforms and educate home builders about the benefits of early construction changes to design for climate change resilience.